Junior Tennis

Get your kids on court with their favorite pros in our Junior Development Program (JDP)! In this kids tennis program, children and teens play in a consistent setting to maximize their skill development during the indoor season with the same coach at the same time, every week. We have weekday and weekend sessions available for tennis lovers ages 4-16. Registration in advance is required.

Junior Development Program (JDP)

Our coaches come from an extensive coaching background in addition to years of high-level competition. Our roster includes pros who have played Division I and II college tennis, along with ITF tournaments as well. Most of our coaches are USPTA/PTR certified and have been coaching players at a range of levels for several years.


Our program covers several age groups and levels:


Club Red I – 4&5 Classes combine an introduction to tennis fundamentals and a whole lot of fun! We work on developing your child’s hand-eye coordination, athleticism, and agility. Quickstart Red Balls are used.


Club Red II– 6&7 A larger variety of strokes are introduced, including forehands, backhands, overheads, and serves. In Club Red, we begin emphasizing court etiquette, sportsmanship, as well as score-keeping. Red Balls are used.


Club Orange – 8&9 In Club Orange, we provide a more detailed level of instruction, focused on refining players’ techniques. Players work on more advanced aspects of the game such as positioning, ball placement, and match play. Orange Balls are used.


Club Green – 10&11 In Club Green, players continue to refine technique while developing an understanding of strategy. Through drills and match play, players enhance their mental toughness. Green Dot balls are used to prepare players to move up to Yellow Ball (traditional, adult-sized ball) play.

We follow a similar structure in each class:

  • Introduction/Plan for the day
  • Warm-up
  • Skill Development Drills
  • Games/Match Play (always involving skills learned during drills)
  • Recap of fundamentals learned in the class

Coaches understand that different players require different coaching styles; therefore, lesson plans vary according to players’ needs. Across the board, however, we promote a positive learning environment, where kids are pushed & supported through a variety of exercises and drills designed to bring out their best.

** The USTA Eastern Section Junior Competition Committee and Eastern Coaches Commission recommend that ALL 10 and under competition and training be organized using the Red, Orange, and Green balls on the appropriate size courts with the appropriately sized racquets. Some players may progress through the pathways faster than others. To learn more about the progressions and tournament please visit

12 and Over Junior Development Groups

Excel- 12 & Up – Players continue to sharpen technique using Yellow Balls, along with an emphasis on more advanced elements, such as proper footwork, shot selection, and maintaining consistency. By developing better footwork technique, players will begin to move more efficiently around the court, allowing them to hit better shots and react more effectively to their opponents. Just as we do in each level of JDP, we teach players to behave properly, respect their fellow players, and always demonstrate good sportsmanship.

For more information on the Junior Development Program or class placement, please email the JDP director, Felipe Sobrinho, at


FS Tennis Mini-Camp

We know that your young tennis lovers are always looking for additional opportunities to play and improve. Luckily for them, Tennis Mini-Camp returns on select holidays this fall for ages 6-12! Mini-Camp is an extension of our popular summer tennis camp, where campers will participate in an engaging warm up, stroke development skills, and competition games at a 6:1 on-court ratio.

To enroll, CLICK HERE. Having trouble enrolling through our new booking system? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

For more information on our Tennis Mini-Camps, please email us at