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Outdoor Specials & Promotions

Future Stars Southampton offers outdoor tennis specials and promotions. Whether you want to take private lessons, join our clinics, or use open court time, we have a variety of options for those looking to save money.

10-Pack of Private Lessons

Purchase 10 private lessons up front and receive your 11th lesson for free! Below are the prices for the outdoor season. Please note that weekends are considered Friday, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Packages do not expire, but due to varying prices between our indoor and outdoor seasons, packages must be used during the season in which it coincides.

Weekday 10-Pack Prices

1-hour lessons: $1,400
1.5-hour lessons: $2,100

Weekend 10-Pack Prices

1-hour lessons: $1,600
1.5-hour lessons: $2,400

Please note that purchasing a 10-pack does not sign a client up for 10 consistent lessons upon purchase. 10-pack holders must still adhere to the 7-day in advance scheduling policy, as well as our cancellation policy of 24-hours in advance for weekday lessons and 48-hours in advance for weekend and holiday lessons. Please always remember to alert desk staff that you have a value pack to ensure that you do not get charged for a lesson you’ve already paid for.

If you are looking to book consistent lessons for the same day, time, pro, and court, you should look into booking a seasonal private lesson for the length of the season. Click here for information on seasonal private lessons.


8-Session Clinic Package

For those looking to regularly sign up for our 1.5-hour adult clinics, a clinic package is a great way to save money. Purchase 8 clinic sessions at once and receive a reduced rate to participate. Clinic packages do not expire and can be used in either the indoor or the outdoor season.

Weekday Rates

  • 8-Session Weekday Clinic Package: $360
  • Weekday Drop-In Rate: $60

Weekend Rates

  • 8-Session Weekend Clinic Package: $400
  • Weekend drop-in clinic rate: $65