COVID-19 Updates

As of Saturday, May 30, 2020, FS Tennis is open. As of mid-October, we have been open for indoor tennis.

Please refer to this page for all COVID-19 updates at FS Tennis Club.

All players who use our courts must read over our Code of Conduct. Any members who do not follow our updated policies in light of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the facility and will not be refunded for their appointment. In addition, the person in question, as well as any family members and other people associated with the account, will be suspended from booking further appointments indefinitely.

Many of these rules are handed down to us from NYS. We are doing our best to make Future Stars a healthy and safe place to be. Future Stars will have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for those who do not adhere to the updated policies. 

  • Clients should arrive at the club as close as possible to the time of their scheduled appointment and should leave the facility immediately after play to limit exposure as much as possible.
  • Clients must wear face masks (covering both nose and mouth) when social distancing is not possible. Masks should be worn at all times while on our facility, other than on court: to and from the car, to and from court, etc. Face masks may only be removed once on court and a 6-foot distance is maintained from all other individuals.
  • There should be no high-fives, hugs, handshakes, or other direct physical contact.
  • There will be no congregating on the premises or inside the office. Remain apart from other players when taking a break.
  • Please bring your own water bottle. Do not share water with other individuals. Water coolers will be provided throughout the facility.
  • If someone is waiting for an appointment to be over, they must wait inside their car, outside, or they must leave and come back at the end of the appointment. They will not be allowed to wait inside the office for an extended period of time. If waiting anywhere on our facility, a face mask should be worn.
  • At this time, spectators will not be allowed inside the bubble, as we must limit the number of people inside at a given time.
  • Please use your racquet or foot to pick up balls when possible, and hit them to your opponent. Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls. If a ball from another court comes to you, send it back with a kick or with your racquet. You may serve your own balls if they are brought from home. If so, please mark them or make sure they are distinguishable from the facility’s balls.
  • When taking a lesson or participating in a clinic, tennis equipment should be touched only by the pro.
  • No cash or check payments will be allowed; we will be taking credit cards over the phone ONLY. We take Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX.
  • We will be charging for your appointment on the morning of. To streamline operations, we will split the fee evenly between any names in the appointment. Please make sure to let us know who is playing in your court at least 24 hours before to make sure that payment is done the way you need it to be done.
  • Our 24-hour weekday cancellation and 48-hour weekend cancellation policies will be strictly enforced. Please do not ask for an exception. We will only make exceptions for medical reasons, and we will ask for proof (doctor’s note, photo of a thermometer, etc.) to avoid abuse of our cancellation policy. If you are sick or showing any symptoms, please stay home.
  • We ask that all clients practice common sense and courtesy at all times.

Last updated: November 30, 2020